Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Crowe Lament

I've been presented with a difficult situation.

Last night I played against a Crimson Fists Army. It was a chap who is off this coming weekend to a tournament and wanted to try out his list and practice one of the custom missions he'd be playing there.

I'll say now I lost the game. Whereas I simply could not throw an armour save, I also had insane luck on my to wound rolls so I can't really blame the dice. I was simply out manoeuvred and fell for some baits I shouldn't have done.

Yet despite losing, it was another game where I'm starting to love Crowe more and more. He ALMOST won the game for me. Instead, when he had to make 2 bolter saves on 2+, he failed and fell in turn 5 (after having survived many hellfire rounds, kraks, bolters, hurricane bolter and multi melta shots). This was after charging down one side of the board, freeing one secondary objective from my opponent's control and being lined up to charge the enemy unit holding the primary objective in my turn.

I accepted Crowe as dead at deployment, and he almost won the game for me. I love this guy.

This is where my problem occurs.

In September I'm taking part in a large Apocalypse game at the club I go to. In the lead up to this 40,000 point-a-side game, there are several smaller games on normal club nights.

There has been a ruling that in these build-up games, no special character may be used. So, just as I'm starting to really enjoy Crowe's exploits, his use is snatched up from beneath me. Which of course renders my Purifier force illegal.

What this means is that I'll have to write up a new list, and buy new models. Originally I'd planned (for financial reasons) to stick with this army list for the foreseeable future. So, obviously any list I come up with is going to have to contain a decent amount of purifiers, and psyflemen dreadnoughts. Oh well no huge shame there. I will have to think about Scoring units however. Including a Grand Master will give me access to Grand Strategy, which will be an easy way to get extra scoring units, otherwise I will have to be buying quite a few new models.

There are however several units I'm eager to use:

Coteaz (as I already own the model, cheap scoring units in psybacks?)
Inquisitor (cheap hammerhand, rad & psykotroke grenades)
Dead Cult assassins & crusaders
Terminators (relentless psycannons hooo!)
Techmarines (2 power fists, plasma gun, flamer, Hammerhand, rad & psykotroke, skulls, independent character AND artificer armour!)
Librarians and falchion armed troops.

Obviously I won't be able to fit all of these in a list. But I'll almost definately be having some terminators. I'll have a think and try to post some possible lists up later today.

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  1. I had the same problem with my hellion army last year - had to pick an entirely new army even though I'd already bought a zillion hellions