Monday, 23 May 2011

Cities Of Death!

Another Monday, another game.

This week I'll be playing a game which is part of a mini story campaign run by a friend of mine. The basic premise is of Tau invading an Imperial held planet.

This week sees the siege of the planet's capital city, and thus will be played using the Cities Of Death rules! It's a 2v2 game, my opponents are a double Tau team, and my ally is likely to be Imperial Guard (or perhaps an Inquisitorial Grey Knights army!)

So, I have been given 1500 to play with, and I need to construct an army list to take down Tau in the dense cityfight conditions.

My first thought was towards my Dreadknight. I vowed never to take him without his teleporter, as he's a massive target, and if he moved 6" a turn he'd never get out of my deployment zone. However, in cityfight he is painfully likely  to kill himself on a dangerous terrain roll. On the other hand, his Heavy Incinerator could be invaluable at burning out Tau infantry!

In the end I decided that it wasn't worth the risk. Instead I have decided to stalk my prey with assassins, and pepper them with shots from Psyflemen dreads. Tau tanks can take (and usually do) an upgrade which grants them a cover save when shot at from more than 12" away, so I figure they will not be getting much advantage from all the cover around.

So, to my list!


Crowe 150

Vindicare 145
Callidus 145
Eversor 130

5 Purifiers w/ 1 Psycannon, 1 Hammer, 3 Halberds, Psyback w/ stormbolter 196
5 Purifiers w/ 1 Psycannon, 1 Hammer, 3 Halberds, Psyback 191
5 Purifiers w/ 1 Psycannon, 1 Hammer, 3 Halberds 141
5 Purifiers w/ 1 Psycannon, 1 Hammer, 3 Halberds 141

Heavy Support
Psyfleman 135
Psyfleman 135
Psyfleman 135

Total: 1499

Cityfight will be tough for me, so I'm hoping my assassins can sow confusion and panic into the Tau's gunline long enough for me to close the gap. I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. Have you tried building a list with Purgation squads? Astral Aim may come in handy in a cityfight. Even you up against the Tau Smart Missile Systems. They can also carry a TP homer for 5pts. and let you DS termies, pallys, DK's, etc. Just bury them somewhere out of LOS. Total cost with 4 psycannons = 185pts. ...

  2. Ooo, Purgation squads would be good. However, until I get some more Troop choices in my army I'm forced to use all my men as Purifiers. Soon though I'll rock them out!