Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Army Progress

It's been a while since I posted, between the busy nature of work in April and spending my out of hours BBQ-ing in the sun, every spare minute has been given over to trying to get my Grey Knights put together. I'm just over half way there, having put together 15 purifiers, 2 dreadnoughts, 2 transports and the dreadknight's legs.

Even though I've only done the Dreadknight's legs he's already by far the tallest model in the army. It's insane. Anyway, through putting several boxes of the men together, I've discovered some points which may be useful to anyone thinking of putting together a new Grey Knights army.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

News Flash!

The models have arrived.

The construction begins tomorrow!

Stay tuned folks :p

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Wait

The army list is chosen.

The models have been ordered.

The reseller saved me 25%

The wait... is killing me.

Yep, whole army (barring a couple of items, like Crowe, who hasn't been released yet) was ordered a few days ago, still waiting for my order to get shipped though.

Until then I wait, and prepare the sanctioned polymers and paints.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Final Army List

For those of you just joining us, a quick catch-up:

The mission of this blog is to chronicle the development of my first Grey Knights army, leading up to a long weekend trip up to Warhammer World in Nottingham at the end of April with a 1750 point army.

This obviously does not leave me with alot of time to assemble and paint my army, as such I need to decide on a list, soon. Several list ideas intrigue me, including alpha strike, Terminator/Paladin lists and Crowe lists.

My criteria was two-fold. It had to stand a chance, but also be fun. As much I do not want to go for an ultra-competitive list. However the group I play with a competent generals all, and I'd rather not get laughed out of the room.

At this point I realised, an alpha strike list will probably piss alot of people off, and could win many games by the bottom of turn 2 (if I get first turn). I also simply cannot come up with a Terminator/Paladin list at 1750 pts that I like (any and all idea's welcome on this one).

Well, you know what that leaves: